Russell Simpson: Operations Director

Russell has 20+ years experience of Railway Signalling Design Delivery. "I joined the railway signalling industry as a trainee signalling designer in 2000 where I was able to transfer the engineering skills learned during my engineering apprenticeship to quickly establish a strong grasp of signalling principles. I have been lucky enough to have had hands on experience of various interlocking types including RRI, SSI, Smartlock and Westlock and for most other aspects of signalling design too, such as scheme plans, location area plans, bonding, REB and location wiring, signalling design specifications and fringe specifications. I work hard and take pride in my final product and I am conscious to provide the best possible work to the user down the line whether that is a checker, tester, client or passenger."

Michael Hickey: Engineering Director

Michael has 20+ years experience of Railway Signalling Design Delivery. "I joined the Railway Signalling industry as a Trainee Signalling Designer in July 2000 after studying Electronic Servicing. I took the knowledge gained from this course and quickly with the aid of mentorship and industry-based training gained a good base understanding of how the railway worked and the signalling principles required to be able to deliver projects from a design office perspective in a safe and timely manner. I have to date got extensive signalling experience across a variety of topics such as Control Tables, Route Relay Interlockings, Computer Based Interlockings (SSI and Westlock) and all general lineside signalling design”.

Rahul Sharma AMIRSE: Signalling Design Verifier

Rahul joined us in April 23 having left his position at Alstom. Rahul has over 9 years of expertise in various areas such as RRI & SSI Location Design, Level Crossings & REB Designs Cable Schematic Designs, Points Circuits and numerous Train Detection Systems. Previously to working for Alstom Rahul worked for AECOM and Wabtec Corporation and he is currently working towards his 1.1.160 Design Verifier Licence. We know that Rahul will be an integral part of our team and be instrumental in our growth.

Connor Hutchings: Signalling Designer

Connor initially joined our business as a level 4 Rail Engineering Advanced Technician Apprentice, but in December 23 was promoted to Signalling Designer. “I joined the railway signalling industry as a signalling designer apprentice in 2021 after studying a level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Engineering. I was able to take some knowledge from this course and use it towards this apprenticeship. I have a good understanding of how the railway works through mentorship and experience and I will be striving to get my designer licence. Whilst being at DigiSig Rail I have been introduced to so much. This includes designing Control Tables, SSI and other Interlocking systems, Scheme Plans and Data Calculations. PM Training and Assessing LTD is the company running my apprenticeship with Paul Martin as my tutor. He has showed us not only how designing works on the railway, but maintenance and telematics too. This will further my understanding of the railway so that I can provide the best outcome for clients, testers or checkers.”

Miles Wootton: Signalling Designer

Miles initially joined the company as a Level 4 Rail Engineering Advanced Technician Apprentice in June 2021 after achieving his A-levels in Design and Science. In April 2023 Miles was promoted to Signalling Designer. “I was lucky enough to have done some work experience within the Track Maintenance and Signalling & Telecoms section at Network Rail. I found an interest in the railway whilst there and took this opportunity to get an understanding of the railways and interlocking which I’ve taken into the industry to learn and improve on. I have extensive experience with CAD software which I developed in my 5 years of design education in secondary and sixth form education, along with experience in computer science allowing me to get an understanding for SSI data preparation. I am also proud to have been promoted as Signalling Designer in April 2023."

Ben Blakemore: Rail Engineering Advanced Technician

Ben started working with DigiSig Rail on the 7th November 22 as a Level 4 Rail Engineering Advanced Technician Apprentice. Ben is very much looking forward to working with the rest of the DigiSig team and learning the skills it takes to become a leading Signalling Design Engineer. We will be posting more about Ben in the near future.