Temporary & Emergency Speed Restriction Design

Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSR) and Emergency Speed Restrictions (ESR) are a way to reduce the permissible track line-speeds where and when needed without effecting a permanent change from what was originally published in the Network Rail Sectional Appendix.

Temporary Speed Restrictions are typically planned and published in the WON (Weekly Operating Notice). Whereas Emergency Speed Restrictions are implemented at short notice or even as a standby option to the planned TSR.

At DigiSig Rail we have successfully delivered a number of Speed Restriction Designs for our clients such as Richfield, Pod-Trak and TECS. All of whom required ESRs as well as needing a number of TSRs. Indeed, over the past few months we successfully delivered a total of 32 Speed Restriction Designs across 15 major railway lines.

The Speed Restriction Designs that we produced were required for a variety of different project works and included:

  • Hot weather precautions (critical rail temperature)
  • Track drainage works
  • And the UK’s heaviest drive to install a bridge for HS2, right under the West Coast Mainline [image below]
UK's Heaviest Drive to install HS2 bridge
Speed Restriction Signs

Our Role

All the ESR/TSR Designs that DigiSig Rail completed on behalf of our three clients were in accordance with Network Rail standards -NR/L2/SIG/11201/Mod B20 & RIS-0735-CCS.

When producing ESR / TSR Designs we carefully consider the following:

  1. Safety is our number 1 priority both for workers and for those using the railway.
  2. We always produce accurate gradient & braking calculations.
  3. We try where possible to limit any disruptions.
  4. We keep braking distances to a safe minimum whilst not increasing journey times.
  5. We will only disconnect AWS magnets where absolutely necessary to facilitate an easier and more cost effective instalment.
  6. We place the required speed boards in the perfect position to ensure safety for workers and to minimise journey times.

At DigiSig Rail we believe in offering a fast turnaround on any ESR/TSR Designs that we produce and at competitive prices.

You can also be assured in the knowledge that we are trusted, reliable, committed and collaborative in any projects that we undertake.

So, why not give the team a call on 0333 577 4200 to discuss your Signalling Design requirements.

You can download the case study by clicking here.


Client Testimonial

Martin Hooper Engineering Manager Balfour Beatty VINCI/Pod-Trak Limited

Thanks for the help in getting these designs completed so quickly!


Ashley King CEng CMIHT CRE/Track Enable-Design /Richfield

All good with me. Thanks again for all your hard work.


Project Information

  • Project Title: Temporary & Emergency Speed Restrictions
  • Client: Richfield, Pod-Trak & TECS
  • Date: June 2023
  • Category: Signalling Specification Projects
  • Status : Completed