Upgrade of Parsonage Road & Littlehaven Level Crossings

Network Rail has been spending an estimated £8m to improve the reliability and safety at various level crossings across the UK and this includes Parsonage Road and Little Haven level crossings both based in Horsham.

Parsonage Road and Littlehaven level crossings are situated on the Three Bridges to Havant (via Horsham) line in West Sussex. The project involved the upgrade of Parsonage Road Automatic Half Barrier (AHB) level crossing to MCB-CCTV, the recontrol of Littlehaven MCB-CCTV level crossing and associated signalling to Three Bridges Area Signalling Centre (ASC).

The completed signalling upgrade works have moved the Parsonage Road crossing risk level from red to amber, which means the crossing is now 18 times safer than it was before (according to FWI calculations)! On top of that, as well as physical upgrades, the project has delivered much- needed data improvements, including updates to the associated SmartLock technology in conjunction with

Katie Frost, Network Rail’s Sussex route director, said: “Upgrading and modernising level crossings is vital to running a safe and reliable railway for passengers and crossing users.”

Our Role

With railway systems becoming ever more complex railway operators and maintainers need an interlocking system that they can count on and guarantee the performance of the system. The team at DigiSig Rail were responsible for:

  • Design of the Signalling Control Table
  • Detailed Stagework Design
  • Final Records, Closeout and Handback

A control table is a formal tabulation of the signal, point and other controls associated with a signalling system, showing the interlocking and other dependencies between those controls, and used for purposes such as:

  • Technical approval and compliance to standards;
  • Deriving information for signallers, such as signaller’s route cards/list;
  • Enabling production of engineering details, such as circuit diagrams and data;
  • Supporting testing, such as incident testing, functional and control table testing.

Both level crossings were handed back to the client, Network Rail (NR), on 29th August at 02:31, with works entering into service at 03:10 with no accidents or incidents.

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Project Information

  • Project Title: Horsham Level Crossing -Signalling Control Table Design
  • Client: Atkins
  • Date: August 2022
  • Category: Interlocking Design
  • Status : Completed