Mandeville Road Vent Shaft HS2

SCS construction were contracted by HS2 to provide the Mandeville Road Vent Shaft for fire control systems and the ventilation systems for various railway tunnels.

The existing NR S&T Cable Route is foul of the Vent Shaft build area & final HS2 land boundary.

There was insufficient slack to lift and shift the existing cables into the new route west of the Disused Track.

There were 7 x S&T Cables identified for diversion. 4 of which were telecoms cables, 2 were signalling, and 1 was E&P.

The SCS Construction Programme was dependent upon the satisfactory diversion of these cables.

The NR Route Boundaries at the location of the site are Northwest & Central Route / Wales & Western Route.

Our Role

Map Location of the Mandeville Road Vent Shaft

The signalling alterations that we undertook included the disconnection, recovery and replacement of signalling and power cables in 4 Location Cases. The new cables were of sufficient length to accommodate the required diversion.

  • Design of Cable Rig Schematics
  • Design of Lineside Location WR57
  • Design of Lineside Location WR58
  • Design of Lineside Location W9/07
  • Design of Lineside Location W7/160
  • Interdisciplinary Check Support
  • Final Records, Closeout and Handback
Alterations to the Location Cases were as follows:

  • Disconnection and recovery of the affected cables.
  • Replacement cabling reconnected to existing links.

The signalling alterations associated involved the disconnection and recovery of signalling cables (48c 1/1.53mm from Loc W7/160 to Loc WR57 and 19c 1/1.53mm from Loc W7/160 to Loc W9/07) and power cable (2c 7/1.53mm from Loc WR58 to Loc W9/07). New equivalent cables replaced in these Locs and tested accordingly.

You can download this case case study by clicking here

Client Testimonial

David Conibeere Contract Project Manager Cleshar Contract Services Ltd

Thanks to you and your team for the slides, I understand that this request has been slightly disruptive and the requirement to produce them is moot, but they are appreciated.

Project Informations

  • Project Title: Mandeville Road Vent Shaft HS2 Cable Diversions
  • Client Fenix Rail / Cleshar Contract Services Ltd
  • Date: June 2022
  • Category: Trackside Design
  • Status: Completed